Month: December 2019

Essentials for Author Websites –

Essentials for Newbie Author Sites: The saying is “Don’t judge a book by its cover” yet we do. In that […]

Cover Artists: Tips On Finding The One –

I am ecstatic to announce I’ve found a cover artist! After reaching out to almost twenty (maybe more) artists, I […]

The Hardest Things About Writing –

via GIPHY I don’t think anyone with any common sense would say writing is an easy job. From the actual […]

Author Highlight: M.G. Herron- Five Tactics Novelists Use to Rescue Themselves from the Soggy Middle –

I’m M.G. Herron, a science fiction author, content strategist, and the founder of the Indie Author Society, a community that […]

Release Day Announcement –

I have to admit there were a few times I didn’t think I’d ever be writing this post. Yet, here […]

What I'm Learning About Myself Through Self-Publishing –

First, I should start by saying sorry, or at least explain where I’ve been. It’s been about a month since […]