I have always enjoyed reading a wide variety of genres, but fantasy has always been dear to my heart. Prior to writing my novellas, “A Meeting at the Grocery Store,” “Waiting for Mistletoe,” and “Then She Came Stumbling In”, I wrote several fantasy novels. This year I published my first fantasy novel “The Pariah Child & the Ever-Giving Stone” with “The Woman In the Tree” soon to follow.
I hope one day to be a well known published author, whose writing informs as well as entertains my readers.
Besides being a book dragon, I’m a documentary junkie, rom-com addict, health advocate, entrepreneur, and chef (in my own way).
I currently reside in Baltimore, MD where I work part-time as a journalist, part-time as an online English teacher, and a Lead Fundraiser for a nonprofit. Despite where life may take me, one thing is certain. I will always keep writing.
Things You Don’t Know About Me…
I received the first four Harry Potter books for free! One of my good friends in high school got the set for Christmas but she hated reading and thought them better left with someone who devoured books like the last pack of Oreos.
I’ve traveled to five countries outside the US: England, France, China, India, and Germany! I hope to add Iceland and Ireland to that list soon.
When I was six I took a lollipop from the grocery store without asking. My grandparents knew I had taken the candy but didn’t tell me until we got home. Instead, they convinced me that every cop car I saw on the way home was coming to arrest me. I was internally freaking out the whole way home.
I once caught my hair on fire trying to fix the stove top in my family home.
“Underworld” is one of my favorite movie series. I think it’s one of the few movies that does justice by werewolves.
Often, I refer to myself as a lycan lover. In middle school and high school, I read a lot of supernatural/paranormal young adult. But I always thought the lycans were more interesting than the vampires. Perhaps, I just love a good underdog story.
I try at least one new recipe from Pinterest every week. It keeps my weekly menu interesting.
The movie “Matilda” inspired me to start cooking. I love how the main character is so independent and instead of waiting for my grandmother to cook breakfast for me, Matilda taught me to take initiative and do it myself. I never waited for my grandma to cook for me again.
“Pay It Forward” is one of my favorite movies. I wholeheartedly believe in the philosophy and think if applied the world would be a better place.
People are often surprised when I say I love the winter time. Summer and spring are great but I love the isolation the cold creates. For me, the winter is actually the best time to go for walks because I encounter fewer people and it makes me feel like the world is all my own.
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