Hey, fam!
I know it’s still early but 2019 is starting off right. My guest post for author C.S. Lakin’s website Live Write Thrive has gone live. You can check out the post here.
It’s all about book bibles: how to start one, how to use one, and why you definitely need a book bible. I’ve also done a post on character development. You can read Tips On Building A Riveting Main Character on C.S. Lakin’s site, as well.
In other news, I’ve started working on the sequel to The Pariah Child. I’m already over 30k words in with so many more to go! So far the story is flowing easily and everything is going as planned. Let’s see how long that lasts. There are a few chapters you can check out if you click here.
Lastly, the next few months are going to be full of book events:
I’ll be volunteering at the North Virginia Teen Book Fest on March 30th. Expect to see plenty of young readers (a few aspiring authors I’m sure, as well) and a ton of young adult authors from a variety of genres. If you live around North VA, pop in and say hi.
Sadly I won’t be attending the Roanoke Author Invasion in April this year but I will be at Kensington Day of the Book Festival. Expect lots of authors and lots of books. If you go, share all your new book buys with me on one of the platforms below!
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