October 2017 –

Okay, this post is going to be pretty short. There will be no editing or prep. I’m just going to […]

Knowing & Loving Your Scars –

I’m not looking to bring bad news to people. I’m really not. Maybe it’s just the pessimist in me (I […]

There Are Two Types of Writers… –

via GIPHY A few weeks ago I saw a tweet that I haven’t been able to forget. It was a […]

Home –

Hey, fam! I know it’s still early but 2019 is starting off right. My guest post for author C.S. Lakin’s […]

Author Highlight: Heather Elizabeth King- Scaring the Crap Out of Your Readers Pt 2 –

PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER Below is an excerpt from chapter two of my novel, Doomsday. I chose it because it […]

The Countdown Begins! –

via GIPHY Holy kapoodle sticks! I’m nine weeks and six days away from my release date. In that short period […]

Books –

“The Pariah Child & the Ever-Giving Stone” by Natasha D. Lane When Sarah was four, she promised her mother she […]

About Me – Natasha Lane Writes

I have always enjoyed reading a wide variety of genres, but fantasy has always been dear to my heart. Prior […]

Publishing Your Novel In A Not So Nice World – Natasha Lane Writes

The thought of finally having your manuscript out in the world is both exhilarating and nausea-inducing. Something you’ve put so […]

All My Characters: The Pieces of Me – Natasha Lane Writes

This week I did a video on my YouTube Channel discussing why the main character of my novel “The Pariah […]