Okay, this post is going to be pretty short. There will be no editing or prep. I’m just going to write because my brain is mush and I can’t even think about forming proper sentences. I really don’t even want to be staring at the screen right now. My eyelids are fighting to stay open but I’m going to make this happen.
If you follow this blog, you’ll know I haven’t posted in about three weeks. Honestly, I am so sorry about that. I really try to be consistent on all my social media channels bu lately I’ve been done. And that’s what I want to write about. It would be wonderful to think that writing your novel is the easiest part. Sadly, that’s a lie we writers like to tell ourselves. Perhaps, so we get better sleep? Maybe we think lying to ourselves will ward off writer’s block? (P.S. It doesn’t.)
The last two months I’ve been the victim of an endless to-do list. Like, it never stops! There is so much to do and despite my own preparations, I doubt anyone could be 100% ready for this. The post-writing process of a novel includes self-editing, finding an editor, finding a cover artist, beta readers, reviewers, ARC readers, distribution channels, and probably several other things I’m forgetting. Like I said, my brain is mush.
Not to mention, book conventions! They’re fun but they’re also a great place to network with authors and meet potential readers. I mean, to be honest, who wouldn’t have a blast during a weekend dedicated to everything books and writing?
Now, while you’re doing all this stuff for your book, you still have to have a life. Or, at least, some semblance of a life. Oh,, and you have to work, too. Where do you fit all those things in, you ask?
When you figure it out, let me know because I’m going a little crazy over. The freelance work has been rolling in which is good. On the other hand, I crossed my book budget (Did I mention you should have one of those?) and am now expecting to go way over what I would like to. Ugh. Life is cruel and cold I tell you. My budget would still be in tact, for the most part, if I hadn’t have had to hire another editor. My first one was great but I realized I needed one more polish before formatting and uploading it.
Speaking of uploading…
Like many self-published authors, I’m sure you’re looking forward to doing a single upload to Amazon. Well, here’s some news for you: There are other distribution channels besides Amazon!!!
(I found this hilarious post on 80,000 Words, so, I had to share. Source: https://czilka.wordpress.com/2012/02/12/what-people-think-writers-do/)
I know. It was a little hard for me to believe, as well. Amazon kind of monopolizes the market but there are alternatives. The bad news? You have to research these different channels and decide which ones would be the best for you.
Fun Fact: A librarian and author I met at a recent book convention told me self-published romance does better on Amazon than young adult fantasy. Actually, Amazon isn’t likely the best channel for self-published fantasy. There go my plans, guys!
Then, of course, there’s being active and present on social media every day. I’m on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google +, and, yeah, you get the point.
To wrap this up, I’m exhausted. I’m over it. Two book conventions in two months, one half done manuscript, an almost published manuscript, social media, and just life! I can’t wait to have a weekend to myself.
Hoping I’m not alone in my feelings.